Friday, January 8, 2010

"Unruly" In The Air?--Your Ass Is Mine

Another jackass caused a mid-air ruckus yesterday, resulting in the flight being escorted to the nearest airport by two F-16s:

An airliner with 132 passengers and crew aboard was diverted to Colorado Springs Airport today after an intoxicated passenger became unruly and locked himself in a bathroom, officials said.

AirTran Airways Flight 39 was en route from Atlanta to San Francisco when it made an unscheduled landing in Colorado Springs at 11:30 a.m., said John McGinley, the airport's assistant director of operations.

Two F-16 fighter planes were deployed by NORAD to escort the plane to the Colorado Springs Airport, NORAD officials said in a release.

The passenger, whose identity was not immediately released, was taken off the plane by Colorado Springs Police officers. He was being detained, but had not been arrested, McGinley said.

I'm sick of this shit. "Detained"? I promise you, if there's an "unruly" passenger on the next flight I take, or another whackjob with plastic explosive in his underwear, shoes, or asshole, the police won't need to "detain" them: I'll personally see to it that the bastard will need to be hospitalized. "Detained"?--no, more like "destroyed."

I have no tolerance for this crap. I mean, really.

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