Friday, January 8, 2010

More From The Michael Steele Minstrel Show

Honestly, this guy is an embarrassment:

Appearing today on Laura Ingraham's radio show, RNC chairman Michael Steele said that he wrote his book Right Now before he became chairman. The problem is, the book itself doesn't read like it could have possibly been written before January 2009 -- it was clearly written in late 2009, either in November or December, and is based entirely on current events up to that point.

[...]When we here at TPM heard that Michael Steele had a new book, we immediately bought a copy and I proceeded to read the whole thing cover to cover. Unless Steele is remarkably clairvoyant, it seems as though it could not have been written before he became chairman -- it is overwhelmingly a commentary on the political situation in America under President Barack Obama, as of late 2009.

The book is full of references to current events in 2009: The stimulus bill, the health care debate, foreign policy, ACORN, the party switch of Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter, the confirmation of Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor, the Tea Parties and the 9/12 March on Washington, etc.

Not just a liar, but a stupid and inept one, too. When is Steele going to recognize that he's just the trained monkey? And for those who don't know who I am--yes, I am African-American, and I say again: Michael Steele is a damn one-man minstrel show for the wingnuts, and I am embarrassed by this man. Not just for his politics, which I find odious, but mainly for his actions, which I find to be foolish, disrespectful, unintelligent, and clownish. Will someone please tell him that he's the monkey, not the organ grinder, and shut down this show?


Rising Sun- L said...

He should realize he's a token when the RNC is in red ink since the old school Repubs don't want to donate because they don't like Steele. He told them to "deal with it that he's the chairman".

Strong said...

He needs to understand for himself what Seth Meyers said: "it's not just any black guy."

Rising Sun- L said...

Well, they seemed to think it was any woman in 2008...