Thursday, October 23, 2008

Arne Carlson Endorses Obama

Former Minnesota Gov. Arne Carlson, a Republican, has endorsed Barack Obama.
Carlson said Thursday that the Illinois senator's stances on the Iraq war, the economy and green energy goals won him over. Carlson, who served from 1991 to 1998, also cited recent comments by GOP Congresswoman Michele Bachmann questioning whether politicians have "pro-America or anti-America views."
Michele Bachmann, the gaffe that keeps on giving! Sullivan and Marshall have more. This is another crack in the dam: traditional, sane Republicans deserting the GOP ticket of McSame and McNut and endorsing Obama. Expect more.


What did I just say? Scott McClellan has come out for Obama, too:
McClellan made the endorsement during a taping of Comedian D.L. Hughley's new show that is premiering on CNN this weekend. The former Bush administration official said he wanted to support the candidate that has the best chance for changing the way Washington works and getting things done.
Sinking ship, rats = Republican ticket, GOP politicians.

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