Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Obama Ahead In Florida & Ohio

The LA Times:

In Ohio, a state that has been battered for years by unemployment and plant closings, Obama is leading McCain by 49% to 40% among people likely to vote.

In Florida, a state that was considered a likely win for Republicans not long ago, McCain is trailing, 50% to 43%.

In both states, Obama, a Democrat, has opened commanding leads over McCain among women, young people, first-time voters and blacks and other minorities.

Great news, but not enough to make me feel secure. We need double-digit leads to counter Republican voter suppression and some unknown amount of the Bradley effect. With all due respect to Nate Silver, I think it's still there, especially in the more benighted parts of the country (Sarah Palin's "Real America"). Still, it's a good sign going into the last seven days before Nov. 4th.


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