Thursday, October 2, 2008

Quick Thoughts On Tonight's Debate

You can't unilaterally decide not to answer the moderator's questions!

In an election that's been claimed to be "about personalities, not issues", Biden told the most heartfelt story tonight, briefly recounting the accident that killed his wife and daughter and critically injured his two sons. When he choked up after sharing it, I had a tear in my eye, too. I think he connected with the public with that one.

Palin, however, showed no emotion, said no consoling words, made no sympathetic gesture. Then and throughout the debate, she acted as if she were in a school play, ignoring everything and everyone else on the set so as not to blow her lines. This was the moment, I think, that everyone will remember tomorrow. Just as McCain refused to look Obama in the eye last week, tonight's display of Palin's chilly, snarky attitude will stick in the minds of the voters.

Finally, when she expressed a desire to be Dick Cheney's Sith apprentice, Palin finally revealed her cold, power-hungry side to the American voter, the aspect of her personality that I've been hearing about from her fellow Alaskans. If I were John McCain, and the Repugs somehow won this campaign, I'd get a food taster.

At the end of the night, we still know nothing about Palin, have no good feelings about her, and no clear idea of what she and McCain would do in office. Advantage: Biden.


Here's the video of that poignant moment (thanks to Talking Points Memo):

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