Thursday, October 9, 2008

Donna Brazile's Not Going Back

From the New Yorker, via

the video from Donna Brazile's closing remarks at the "If I Were Running This Campaign," a Saturday morning panel featuring NY'er staff writer/moderator Jeffrey Toobin (swoon), and a bevy of his CNN colleagues, including Ed Rollins, Alex Castellanos, and Donna Brazile. Topics discussed: The GOP leadership, Bill Clinton, and Sarah Palin. As the 80-minute discussion wound down, Toobin raised the specter of race in the campaign, and Brazile, 48, let loose with an impassioned, ad-libbed exhortation that could be seen as a prescient, preemptive strike to the race-and-religion baiting tactics ("strategies"?) employed by the increasingly-ugly McCain-Palin campaign.

I've received this in email a few times over already. Click through to the video, and see for yourself. Tell it, Donna!

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