Wednesday, October 22, 2008

How Much Lipstick Can A Pig Buy With $150,000?

Kagro X at Daily Kos writes:
$150,000 shopping sprees (at all the best "elitist" shops, no less), on the Republican National Committee tab.

$21,012 worth of free flights
for her daughters, charged to the state.

All this, when she already makes $125,000 a year as governor and pockets an extra $22,883 in energy extraction royalties.

Sarah Palin is a chisler supreme.

All of which makes the fact that she charged $16,951 in expenses charged to the state, including 312 per diem allowances for staying in her own home just that much more amazing.

A dual income family, with Sarah earning $125K. Free travel (even for the family), and now free clothes, hair and makeup. They can actually go out in her backyard and shoot a moose, keeping her family in free mooseburger for a year. And still she feels the need to cheat. Shoot that moose for free and still charge the state $60 per burger. And she claims she deserves every bit of it.

I am flabbergasted at the hubris, the chutzpah, the sheer arrogance it takes for Palin and McCain to call Barack Obama elitist, while she runs up $75,000 at Nieman Marcus alone, in a shopping spree paid for by the Republican National Committee. $75,000. At one store alone! $150,000 in all, so Caribou Barbie, the First Dude, and all their brood can look good for the cameras. This is how a "typical hockey mom" dresses herself and her family? This is the mooseburger-eatin', wolf-shootin', Walmart shoppin', just-like-you&me Everywoman they've been presenting to the public since September? Did she not have any clothes of her own, before accepting the nomination, or is everything she owns made of bear- or moose-hide? Why were the kids included in this shopping spree, including $295 for baby Trig, and how do they justify $4,716.49 on hair and makeup?

These are the same people who dogged John Edwards about a $500 haircut, and now, in typical Republican fashion, they've excelled in committing the same offense. I wonder how a donor to the RNC feels right about now. Some Joe Sixpack who took $25 or $50 out of the family budget, because they believed the McCain-Palin campaign rhetoric about reform, curbing Wall Street greed, cutting spending, and limited government. I wonder if they're hearing about this now, and are beginning to realize that they've been conned? I wonder if the Republican fatcats who donated megabucks to McCain's campaign realize now that he picked a backwoods Paris Hilton for veep, not a credible running mate, and are starting to become angry?

$150,000 for clothes and accessories isn't as much as a single outfit that Cindy McCain wore during the RNC convention (the infamous $300,000 outfit), but she paid for it with her own money. I've noticed how Palin's hair and clothes have markedly improved since the convention, but I thought that perhaps Cindy was paying for it, not the party. Even knowing Palin's capacity for corruption, dishonesty, and greed, I never imagined that her new threads were bought for her by the RNC. And if you think those clothes will be donated to charity after the campaign, as reported, then I've got a bridge to nowhere to sell you.

What this will do to Palin's unfavorable ratings, already tanking, is hilarious. What this will do to further destroy voters' opinion of the McCain-Palin ticket, however, is justified. And what this will do to the chances of the Republican ticket being elected, is priceless.

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