Sunday, October 19, 2008

Powell Cites Bachmann As A Reason For His Endorsement Of Obama

Michelle Bachmann's rantings seem to have had quite an impact--for her opponents. Colin Powell cited the wingnut from Minnesota's Sixth District as part of the rationale behind his endorsement of Barack Obama:

And this business of, for example, a congressman from Minnesota who's going around saying let's examine all congressmen to see who is pro-America or not pro-America. We have got to stop this kind of nonsense and pull ourselves together and remember that our great strength is in our unity and in our diversity. And so that really was driving me. And to focus on people like Mr. Ayers, these trivial issues for the purpose of suggesting that somehow Mr. Obama would have some kind of terrorists' inclinations, I thought that was over the top. It was beyond just good political fighting back and forth. I think it went beyond. And then to sort of throw in this subtle Muslim connection. You know, he's a Muslim and a terrorist. And it was taking root. And we can't judge our people and we can't hold our elections on that kind of basis. And so yes, that kind of negativity troubles me and the constant shifting of the argument.

Meanwhile, El Tinklenberg's campaign reported earlier this evening that campaign donations since Bachmann's appearance on Hardball Friday night have exceeded $620,000. Oh, thank you, Michelle!--and I'm sure that El Tinklenberg thanks you, too--by spewing your insanity and hatred across the airwaves, you've sown the seeds of your own defeat.


Rising Sun- L said...

One of the ironies of this election has been that it was McCain that accused Obama of the jello method- throwing stuff out there and seeing what stuck and to me, it seems that it is the entirety of McCain's campaign strategy. Hmmm, how about "Muslim terrorist"? Socialist? Bill Ayers? Nobody cares? Ok, how about repeating another thousand times because they laughed the first time at the thing about if you wanted to run against Bush you should have done it 4 years ago.

I'm so heartened to see that the Bachmann thing has struck a chord with people. A lot of people on blogs seem to miss the subtlety of the McCarthyesque comments. I've been reading lots of "why shouldn't we know what Obama's beliefs are"- never mind that they've had 20 months to find out.

Strong said...

If they haven't figured out who Obama is, after 20 months of intense media scrutiny, then they're really too dumb to be chew gum and walk at the same time.

I don't believe them when they say that they "don't know" Obama. I think it's code words for "I'm not voting for that nigger, no matter what." It's a typical Rovian pattern of attack, and one that Obama predicted would be used against him. Remember Bush saying that you have to keep repeating the propaganda, so it can sink it? They can't run on the issues, so they have nothing left BUT personal attacks.

Even Pat Buchanan said that he doesn't believe there are any anti-American members of Congress. I'm also happy that people nationwide responded to that nutcase's rant.

Rising Sun- L said...

If Pat Buchanan thinks you're extreme....

Even if they don't mean what you say they mean, they mean that they've heard everything and don't believe anything.

Conspiracy theories abound. Illuminati? Muslim terrorist? They're all set to claim voter fraud even though no votes have been cast yet. Despite the fact that the only ones defrauded were Acorn offices who paid people to pretend to get names.