Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Second Debate: A Few Words

Already running the sleaziest campaign in modern history, John McCain simultaneously lost tonight's debate and sank into the depths of racist ranting.

In the midst of a diatribe about an allegedly pork-laden energy bill, McCain said.....oh, hell, see for yourself:

I've often yelled back at my tv, but this is the first time I've ever wanted to strangle it. In the middle of his impression of The Simpsons Mr. Burns, McCain showed why he's been called the senator most likely to start nuclear (that's "noo-klee-er", for any semi-literate Alaskan mad dogs out there) war. "That one"?? Hey John, why not just say "that nigger!", and have done with it?

McCain needed a knockout blow tonight; he's clearly lagging behind the Obama campaign in the polls, despite the best efforts of his pitbull-with-lipstick Palin, spewing lies, innuendo, and rabblerousing through-out the media, sans filter, all but calling Obama a terrorist. McCain needed to turn the tide around, but instead he devolved into a cranky old man yelling at the kids to get off his lawn. Worse, he turned into a lowlife racist fuck.

"That one"? Look at the expression on McCain's face as he says it; there's no doubt in my mind that he meant "that nigger", but barely retained enough presence of mind to not utter the n-word on national television.

"That nigger". "That spic", "that gook", "that kike", "that redskin", "that bitch"; people of color and women know full what what McCain meant, and how it feels to be on the receiving end of such a statement. We know well what such an outburst from a white man means, especially from a white man born and bred to privilege and power as McCain was. We know the scorn, hatred, and anger that accompanies such a statement, and know to prepare for the explosion that's sure to follow. Every African-American, every Hispanic, every Native American, every Jew, every Asian, every woman knows: here comes the attack, be ready to defend yourself.

Barack Obama comported himself with class, intelligence, and distinction tonight. I freely admit he's a better man that I, because I would have shoved McCain's pointing finger up his ass, closely followed by my foot. Tonight McCain again was overly aggressive, volatile, barely controlled, and erratic. He proposed another 300 billion to bail out homeowners who can't afford their mortgages, a proposal that must have caught his campaign staff and advisors by surprise. His body language was that of an attacker, his gestures were jerky and abrupt. And again, he didn't address Obama by name, nor did he look him in the eye. Next to Obama, McCain looked and sounded like a grumpy old man, like any ignorant Klansman, circa 1955. Obama, in contrast, was once again cool, eloquent, and presidential.

Looking at comments around the web tonight, I can see that I'm not the only one to notice his outburst. Moreso, I think that it might be the tipping point for states like Virginia, North Carolina, and even Georgia. His words won't soon be forgotten. The attack, this time, will meet with a counterattack from the would-be victims.

With two words, John McCain destroyed any reputation or legacy he might have had, and any chance of becoming president.


risingsn said...

With two words, John McCain destroyed any reputation or legacy he might have had, and any chance of becoming president.

Unless he was, in his desperation, going for the "white identity" demographic. That ought to pick him up a few thousand votes.

BTW, did you see that ACORN vote registration thing they're trying to link to Obama on Fox? They raided some offices trying to voter registration fraud and Obama was a part of trying to get out the vote, so of course he's the THAT ONE behind it all....

Strong said...

I've been following the ACORN raid. It looks fishy to me. More on it later, maybe.

I think McCain is caught in a timewarp. It's hard for any white American of his age to be completely devoid of racism (though I know some who are), but McCain has never had to improve himself, never had to grow up, as his first wife will attest; he's always been a privileged "prince", as his North Vietnamese jailers called him. He never went through the Sixties, and for all their excesses, the Sixties gave us the Civil Rights movement, women's rights, gay liberation, and other progressive social changes. McCain came back from the war, and America was drastically changed. He's never caught up since.

risingsn said...

The difference is that America has changed. Yes, there is a portion of the population where race is going to be the biggest issue but even for most who carry racist tendencies, this extreme shift in economic realities has made it so that it becomes secondary. It really comes down to "were you better off 4 years ago", or as Obama said today "4 weeks ago".

The politics of race is still in effect with the little buzzwords that the Republican ticket is vomiting up- "not like us" being the most often used. I don't know if fewer people are taken in by it, but for those who aren't, they are more outraged by it.