Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What's Old Is New Again

The Campaign for America's Future ran its final ad in the New York Times today:

Some of these things have been forgotten, by the people, and by their leaders. Listening to Sarah Palin bitch that Barack Obama is "socialist," one realizes that her claims don't hold much water when a lot of people are wishing that they could get some of that wealth spread their way. Watching the McCain campaign recite its ever-changing list of charges against Obama misses the point when many Americans are looking for help. And it just doesn't resonate with people, thank all the gods!

There's more to the American tradition than war and taxes. For instance, there is the tradition of pulling together when times are tough. That's why I think this current Republican assault on the term "spreading the wealth" is going to fall on deaf ears. (They would have been better sticking with the "socialism" boogeyman since most people don't really know what it means.) "Spreading the wealth" just doesn't sound like a threatening unamerican idea. It sounds like ... fairness. The kind of thing you teach little kids --- the kind of thing that some people used to call Christian values.

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