Thursday, October 16, 2008

Tinklenberg Closing the Gap With Bachmann

El Tinklenberg is catching up to Michelle Bachmann in the race for Minnesota's 3rd District. A new poll released by the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee shows Bachmann with only 42 percent of the vote to Elwyn Tinklenberg's 38 percent, and 15 percent are undecided. As Jeff Rosenberg at the Twin Cities Daily Liberal notes:

With all those undecided voters, this one could be Tinklenberg’s for the taking. Bachmann’s in so much trouble that the NRCC has dumped Erik Paulsen to try to save her. With her war chest and help from the NRCC, she’s got a lot more money than Tinklenberg, but she’ll have to account for her absenteeism.

Bachmann's infamous thousand-yard stare is well known to watchers of CNN, and her far-right theocon beliefs are anathema to most residents of her district. After spending more time kissing Bush and appearing on Larry King than she's spent representing her district, Bachmann needs to go. El Tinklenberg needs our support to beat her; please take a moment to donate to his campaign on his ActBlue page.

And here's a reminder of why Bachmann needs to go:


Rising Sun- L said...

I live in the 6th district and I have gotten a total of two fliers in the mail and seen no commercials for Tinklenberg. It is a testament to Michele Bachmann's idiocy that he is even in this race with his unfortunate sounding name and his lack of funding.

Strong said...

That's tv ads yet? That's why I included a link to Tinklenberg's ActBlue donation page in the post--he needs our help!