Friday, October 17, 2008

The Third Debate - Brief Thoughts

Anger does not make a politician popular, and sarcasm does not befit a leader.


Rising Sun- L said...

Hey, I like sarcasm as much as anyone. If I had to refrain from sarcasm I might be forced to be living in a monastery.

But you're right- there's a time for sarcasm and a time for talking straight to the people with a reassuring demeanor that is calming and dignified.

Only those who respond to the comments intended for the lowest common denominator are taken in by it, though. Others see that finger pointing won't solve the problem. As for those who are taken in by it, they can lament on Nov 5th.

Strong said...

McCain's campaign, since he hired the Karl Rove disciples, has been nothing but an effort to speak to the lowest common denominator. Unfortunately, there's a hell of a lot of them.

Rising Sun- L said...

And they're certainly not ashamed of airing their beliefs. They seem truly convinced that others concur or that they can influence them. Thurs night Saturday Night Live did a parody of that Gayle Quinnell from Lakeville as a zombie wandering around talking to herself. Excellent rendition.